The world got busy

The world got busy. Firstly through covid everything got a little complex, but now post pandemic everything still seems to be running at a million miles an hour, still. In all that time, we seems to have more on, and hence its over 18 months since a blog post - and this seemingly is the last too, as the content editor doesnt now work. That's tech...always changing!

Interview with Richard Tang

Richard is the founder of Zen Internet, our ISP and connectivity partner. He, or rather Zen, are also now our landlord too. We've been here for a few weeks now, and never has anywhere felt like home so soon.

Return to Rochdale

After several years hiding over the hill in Saddleworth, we've returned to Rochdale, where it all began to the town that we consider our home. 2021 was a changing year for all of us with Covid19 and with that some of the things we took for granted, some of the things we never thought would change did. The world has changed it's no surprise that change has come our way too.

COVID-19 Working Arrangements

Following our email last week about the steps that we are taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic we are now looking at the needs of our customers and how we can best serve them.

Partner of the Year

Last week MysonPages attended the Zen Internet Partner Day in Manchester for a day of listening and learning. Always a great event we are always excited to attend and stop for a day to meet peers, listen to the news of what is coming next year, and reflect on what we have achieved.

Jack joins the team

Jack joins the team 2019 has been our busiest year ever at MysonPages, and already we can’t see next year being too different. As a result we are increasing our staff count again, so we’re pleased to welcome Jack Lyons to our team.

Cyber Essentials Qualification

Following recent evaluation, MysonPages have demonstrated that they are achieving excellence in managing their cyber risks efficiently and effectively, leading to achievement of H M Government’s ‘Cyber Essentials’ certification as operated by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Gone in a blur

The end of 2018 approaches, ok there are nearly 2 weeks left but they are full of people winding down, taking holidays and forgetting about it all until we hit 2019. Looking back 2018 has been a big, changing year for MysonPages.

CompTIA Conference

It's that time of year where we attend conferences for software vendors, technology partners and solution providers. However this week we had 2 days in County Hall, next to the London Eye, with CompTIA.


Thing is, the internet is built largely on a phone system that grew at the start of the last century. While our reliance on that technology grows exponetionally the wires that knit it all together are more Heath Robinson than ever.

Wood for the trees - 3 states of data

There has been so much written and said about the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation that we're all probably blinded and bored by now. So let’s look at it from another angle. Let’s look at it from the D for data - as that is ultimately what it is all about. A quick win - a match - that sorts all your paper work in a strike. Perhaps not too practical...


Each day brings something new, although one day can often feel like the last, but already we are approaching the 40th week of this year. It's all happened so quickly - it that technology’s fault, and is it really helping?


Recently there has been a lot in the general media about security after the Wannacry virus outbreak that affected, amongst many others, the NHS. A lot has been said, a lot factually incorrect, and with most of these things it is a lot simpler than you imagine to understand what has occurred.


As our company enters yet another year, we've already seen January pass by quickly, without mention on this blog. There’s good reason for this, we have been busy.

Drown or Surf

This week I attended a Business Breakfast Meeting where Phil Jones, CEO of Brother UK was one of the guest speakers. His talk, as expected was informative, inspiring and made you think.

Reflect and look forward

As a company we have changed a lot of things in the last 18 months. How we work, the systems we use, the processes and how we approach new opportunities. When any company goes through a period of change it is easy to get caught up in the change, or the journey, but it's good to stop and take stock.


It is important for every IT system to have a good structure but it's also important for every IT support team to have the same. In the never ending push for speed and efficiency, technology demands better structure in all that we do.

Regenerating to Windows 10

Microsoft released Windows 10 at the back end of last year. Normally new desktop operating systems are featured on the news, with VT of queues of eager tech-heads at department stores clutching their new box, containing a disk. It seems like that news story has been revolving through our lives for the last 15 years or so, but not anymore.

A New Hope A New Dawn

So 2016 has started and for many this time of year is a time to restart, or to go again. For some however the end of 2015 couldn't have been worse with flooding and power cuts across the north west.

Shiny and New

New technology is what our industry is all about. It is the wave that drives us all forward. Without new technology there isn't often a way to work faster, to be more productive, and to do more stuff. New technology often brings simplification, and now also brings simplification for those installing it. Not only can we give our clients more power, more resources, more options, but the...


Every organisation goes though change, sometimes it is abrupt, where a company shuts down or ceases trading. Every company however, has a lot that is used day by day and simply stopping reveals the sheer amount of systems, structures, paperwork, filing, junk and the amount of 'stuff' that is just there. Never mind the cups that nobody has been washing.

Plain Sailing

The origins of this saying go back to 1683 if you believe things you read on the internet. But, is it plane or plain sailing, or is it both or either? With all these sayings the original meaning is almost irrelevant as we only now refer to its popular usage, but for many of our clients the sailing, when it comes to their IT, has never been plainer.

Man v Machine

We're starting a new project for a new client - it's a system refresh. Their current system was installed 8 years ago, and its been really well looked after, even though it hasn't been updated since it's install. It still works, in fact its very reliable, there is nothing really wrong with it. Shhh. Now read on....

Looking back and forward

It seems just seconds since the New Year and a few minutes since Christmas, but somehow 2014 is well in the past and 2015 is well underway. People often bemoan January but before we have had time to say Happy New Year, it's almost gone.

Website Photos

As with our previous website before this refresh, we've chosen some photographs to help get our message across. We've avoided stock photographs of people who don't represent what we do, wearing suits, smiles and pointing at pie charts - you know that's all rubbish, so we're not even pretending. We do have some photos though - and for those of you interested they are....

New Website - Thanks Mark

New Website Live - thanks to our friends at we're now proud to unveil our new website and look and feel. A responsive site that can be accessed on any platform. Come and take a look.