A New Hope A New Dawn


So 2016 has started and for many this time of year is a time to restart, or to go again. For some however the end of 2015 couldn’t have been worse with flooding and power cuts across the North West.


Two things sprang to mind though as our monitoring systems told us who was off and who was still on. All the systems that just lacked power came straight back once restored, and our programs that shut them down in an orderly fashion brought them back to life just as planned.


Secondly, for those inconvenienced by a more permanent and destructive force - water - we were thankful that our Cloud Based solutions helped those companies to carry on even when all seemed lost. New PCs and equipment has been ordered and loan equipment has been rolled out, so despite the devastation there was still little downtime.


Getting back to this year though, another year of change is ahead for us, building on all the changes we made last year, and making our company even better than it is now. While we have been doing what we have been doing for 16 years, we realise that you sometimes need to change the how. Change is always hard to come to terms with, and sometimes difficult to accept, but staying still is not an option.


So let’s see where we are when 2017 dawns.....