As our company enters yet another year, we've already seen January pass by quickly, without mention on this blog. There’s good reason for this, we have been busy.


We've worked on 4 new systems in January, which makes us not just busy but officially busy, but you can only do that with the right structures in place.


Two years ago we focussed on changing some of the applications we use and centralising on a management platform that means we deliver better managed and monitored systems, and systems that are more robust.


Last year we changed our helpdesk to a new all-inclusive ticketing system that helps us give a better response to our clients.


This year, we're looking at how we can make the job we do better for the people who do it, our staff. So its new phone systems, additional resource, new lighting for the office, a breakfast bar and some more downtime and socials.


All part of changing the structure of our company. If you don't develop you go backwards.