COVID-19 Working Arrangements

Following our email last week about the steps that we are taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic we are now looking at the needs of our customers and how we can best serve them.

Our Helpdesk last week saw an unprecedented number of requests for help with remote working, and our focus is to ensure that we can deliver that for all who need it based on the systems they currently have.

Most customers have this capability so it is a case of setting up additional users and also seeing how we can provide solutions for others.

However, as your IT partner we ourselves then need to be able to support those solutions and ensure that it works for you over the coming weeks and possibly months. We have to keep you working.

Like you we don’t know how this situation will develop but the potential future restrictions being discussed do now appear to be far more wide reaching. 

So from Monday 16th March we will limit site visits immediately - we will review this position in a week and advise further.

We may also close our offices with the majority of staff working from home. We’d take this step primarily to minimise the impact of a drop in the number of staff being available to work for us.

If we have limited staff, we can only offer limited support so this seems a sensible step to take with little real impact.

All project work to refresh existing systems will be halted for now, and anything non urgent that can be postponed will be.

It is essential that we use this coming week to concentrate on the tickets that now take precedent.

As per last week’s email the good news is that all of our systems run independently of our office, and so there should be little impact to you in how the Helpdesk works.