Gone in a blur

The end of 2018 approaches, ok there are nearly 2 weeks left but they are full of people winding down, taking holidays and forgetting about it all until we hit 2019.

Looking back 2018 has been a big, changing year for MysonPages. Our biggest turnover in our 19-year history on the back of a lot of hard work in changing how we work and this year where we work.

But 2 of the best things we did to achieve this were the little things, the obvious things, the simple things.

Yes, we are a technology company, and yes, I am sure there are new bits of software and services that are helping us deliver support to our clients, but this isn’t a post about that.

First thing we did was reorganise our office, knock down a partition wall that we didn’t need, get it decorated, and give everyone more desk space. We also replaced some of the heaters and tidied away all the stuff we didn’t need. We did this because we recruited a new staff member and needed to make better use of the space and resources we had.

The second thing we did, was to make one of our team the Helpdesk Manager – something that we had avoided for years, because it all manages itself with the systems we have – wrong – sometimes you still need someone to decide based on feeling, and experience.

So, couple both together, we have a bigger, nicer helpdesk, in a better environment, better managed and organised and a calmer environment to work in. Simple things. Not software.