Jack joins the team

2019 has been our busiest year ever at MysonPages, and already we can’t see next year being too different. As a result we are increasing our staff count again, so we’re pleased to welcome Jack Lyons to our team.

Jack will be working closely with myself and the rest of the team at MysonPages in a Service Manager role. We’ve a room full of great technical people and it’s more than time I had a helping hand on the customer management side of the business. If we were a big corporate we’d call him our Customer Success Manager or some other buzzword – hopefully you can just call him Jack.

While personally I do very little these days of a technical nature I have realised over the last 6 months I’m still short of time. I still don’t have enough time I need to do everything; to deliver the service to our clients that I want to, to be in regular contact, to keep you all up to date with the latest technologies and services that you could be using, and above all else to make sure we are meeting and beating your expectations.

I really value the high regard that so many of our customers hold us in and want to make sure that that never changes. Jack will be here to provide an additional point of contact, another me,  a way for us to be in more regular contact personally and someone to talk to when things don’t go as planned. He’s already in his third week and a few customers have met him face to face, so it’s time to tell you all.

Jack’s background isn’t IT, which is perfect, but already he’s spotted that the world of IT isn’t all about computers. He’s looking at new internal systems for us initially but the majority of questions have been how we work together with customers and how our team works together. As such he has decided to write some blog posts about his time at MysonPages which will be available at www.mysonpages.com/blog

I’m sure you will all make him feel very welcome.


David Brereton, Managing Director, MysonPages