Every organisation goes though change, sometimes it is abrupt, where a company shuts down or ceases trading. Every company however, has a lot that is used day by day and simply stopping reveals the sheer amount of systems, structures, paperwork, filing, junk and the amount of 'stuff' that is just there.


Never mind the cups that nobody has been washing.


What it doesn't always see is what its staff are doing, or perhaps have already done.


However with a fully managed and monitored system, even when the staff have gone, and the company's world has almost ceased turning, it’s possible to find out.


We've a customer who recently decided to cease operations. Their reasons are theirs and theirs alone, but with a large number of home based workers who were asked to return their IT equipment it was surprising to see how many staff thought they could say they had returned theirs without actually doing so.


Our remote management software shows that a number of these machines are still being used daily, it gives us the IP address of the internet connection being used and the time at which it was connected. In fact it's all that PC Plod would need for evidence of theft.


Big brother is indeed watching us, and watching us all, just remember that.