Man v Machine

We're starting a new project for a new client - it's a system refresh.

Their current system was installed 8 years ago, and its been really well looked after, even though it hasn't been updated since it's install. It still works, in fact its very reliable, there is nothing really wrong with it. Shhh. 

The technology it's built on is now outdated and unsupported - yes it's XP and Server 2003. Naughty Naughty, it should have been replaced by now. But should it?

The users are mainly female and of a certain age. None of them are predisposed to using the works computer for personal stuff, they just wouldn't do that, and as such the PCs are pretty much as they were when they were installed. They still work fine, things are just a little slow now, and the company knows they could do more with newer technology.

So does technology wear out? No, just our expectations of what we can do changes, and the things we shouldn't be doing probably cause us issues in the fiirst place.

Man v machine, man will win, Woman v machine, well, perhaps a different story.