Plain Sailing

The origins of this saying go back to 1683 if you believe things you read on the internet. But, is it plane or plain sailing, or is it both or either?

With all these sayings the original meaning is almost irrelevant as we only now refer to its popular usage, but for many of our clients the sailing, when it comes to their IT, has never been plainer.

We've been working with SMEs for over 16 years now, and while systems are ultimately more complex and powerful than ever they were, they are generally more robust and reliable. So the sailing is plainer.

A PC or laptop, configured properly when set up, managed and monitored in real time can now be expected to be installed and used, without issue. The ongoing support for these machines can be proactive rather than reactive, so the sailing is plainer.

However, these are still machines, they are still capable of getting it wrong or letting us down. Our reaction as your support team, when things do go wrong now relies more on our experience, and the time we have been in business, than an amount of time to fix any given problem. While the technology has become smarter, it's our experiences have made us more knowledgeable.

If you're having an operation, you'd want the surgeon with 20 years’ experience and not 2 years. However in IT, the plain sailing now happens because we're all more tech savvy than we ever were, and the devices and their operating systems are easier to use. Trouble is that leaves a gap, in ability and expectation, when your systems hit choppy waters.


So for plain sailing, IT wise, experience counts for much more these days when the real issues arise.