Reflect and look forward

As a company we have changed a lot of things in the last 18 months. How we work, the systems we use, the processes and how we approach new opportunities. When any company goes through a period of change it is easy to get caught up in the change, or the journey, but it's good to stop and take stock.

We have centralised out in house systems on one product set, which has made supporting our clients easier.

We've introduced new helpdesk software to better manage our day to day.

We've developed our remote tool set to allow our staff to provide quicker support.

We've reviewed where we spend our time helping people.

We've taken on more staff.

We've rearranged our offices.

We've won an award.

We won another.

We've changed our billing mechanism.

We've given presentations on how we have changed during this period at a conference.

We've worked closer with our partner organisations.

We've set up a new company pension, we had to - have you?

We've delivered some key milesone projects.

We've retained clients that we have had since day 1 - 17 years ago.

We could go on all day.


But it is only when you stop to think, and list out what you have achieved, and measure your success back to where you started, that you can appreciate all of this. Today as I type it's just another busy day with the same challenges as yesterday and the same ones as tomorrow.

Time to reflect and also look forward - just like the picture