Regenerating to Windows 10


Microsoft released Windows 10 at the back end of last year. Normally new desktop operating systems are featured on the news, with VT of queues of eager tech-heads at department stores clutching their new box, containing a disk. It seems like that news story has been revolving through our lives for the last 15 years or so, but not anymore.


Windows 10 is available FREE to anyone with a valid Windows 7 or 8 licence until 29th July 2016, after this time it will cost around £100 per machine, so a great way to keep up to date.


Unlike previous updates though you don’t need to visit the shops - this is all down via an online upgrade. An icon appears in courtesy of Windows Updates and off you go. Windows regenerates right in from of your eyes, just like Dr Who, it looks slightly familiar but also different.


Yes, you can do it yourself but as with everything you do just once, you’ve no previous experience and no insight in to what may go wrong. Most of us fell of our bike the first time we rode it.


MysonPages are running a program of updates for our clients where we assess the hardware first, make sure the applications will work afterwards before upgrading, update the machines remotely and then apply the 4 or 5 quick fixes that fix the issues the upgrade causes - making sure our experience counts.


So act before 29th July to save some money, and give us a call if you want some help.