Return to Rochdale

After several years hiding over the hill in Saddleworth, we've returned to Rochdale, where it all began to the town that we consider our home.

2021 was a changing year for all of us with Covid19 and with that some of the things we took for granted, some of the things we never thought would change did. The world has changed it's no surprise that change has come our way too.

We set up our helpdesk in 2007 in Saddleworth because it was half way between key staffs home addresses, as simple as that. But now work is home and home is work, and often we are working from home, so the location of a helpdesk which can be virtual is no longer a great concern.

Through Covid we have also been very involved in the local businesses response to what unfolded, and by local I mean Rochdale. We have always been part of that community with us being born in the town, and having so many clients there too. It's been a great thing to be a part of.

So in gearing up to return to work, and have more of a presence in our office, location was no longer the concern it was. Our workforce will move to a blended approach of home and office working as there is clearly benefits to both, so we're going to use our new found freedoms to change how we work, and where we work from.

Quite by chance our very good friends at Zen Internet had let us know that a current tenant was leaving Sandbrook House and would it be of interest to us. I'm glad to say that things have worked out and we are now installed in our new home.

 It's a great place, with wonderful facilities and with us being Partners with Zen we feel we are amongst friends already. I look forward welcoming you to Sandbrook House in the coming weeks and months.