It is important for every IT system to have a good structure but it's also important for every IT support team to have the same. In the never ending push for speed and efficiency, technology demands better structure in all that we do.


At MysonPages we are constantly changing to improve the service we offer to our clients. A lot of these changes aren't however visible to the end user, but the outcome is - quicker, more responsive support.


This year however we will be providing more ways to contact our helpdesk. In addition to phone and email, and for the few who are very local to us, walking through the door, we are now adding a web portal and a dedicated ticket email too.


From April onwards you will be able to raise and monitor support tickets though a web page, and also send requests direct to the helpdesk that will also generate a support ticket through our new email address.


Will we be killing off the ability to call and speak with us like so many do? No, that's still the best way of looking after people, talking and understanding, and building a trusted relationship between us and you.