Each day brings something new, although one day can often feel like the last, but already we are approaching the 40th week of this year. It's all happened so quickly - it that technology’s fault, and is it really helping?


We’ve been in business for 18 years now, and when we look back at what we did the, and what we do now, we’re effectively working in a different industry. However, the changes have been small day by day in the main, with a few clear exceptions.


For my money there are 2 big changes.


The first big game changer is the development of connectivity and all that has enabled. Faster speeds have made a success of technologies that were already there – the web for one – and enabled new capabilities to grow. The era of remote control, management and remote support has revolutionised our industry from top to bottom.


The second big change is the rise of the iPhone generation who have been brought up on the easy to use touch screen devices, with simple applications and that ‘ease of use’. The knock on of this development is that most people have less of an understanding of IT than ever, even though they consume more. It’s an interesting paradox. The more we use it, the ‘thicker’ we seem to become.


Take these two to their logical conclusion, we get to do this much quicker often without any idea of what we are actually doing. Something we should perhaps be aware of.