Website Photos

As with our previous website before this refresh, we've chosen some photographs to help get our message across. We've avoided stock photographs of people who don't represent what we do, wearing suits, smiles and pointing at pie charts - you know that's all rubbish, so we're not even pretending.

You've probably met us BEFORE you've checked out this site, as we see it as an affirmation site - it confirms that the meeting we have had is based on sometthing solid, professional and reliable. If you're reading it before you've met us, then hopefully our message is clear too.

We do have some photos though - and for those of you interested they are:

DO YOU UNDERSTAND IT? and IS YOUR DATA SECURE? - shots taken of a visiting art installtion at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2011 - see the link below

ARE YOU LED BY TECHNOLOGY? - Champion jump jockey, AP McCoy riding his third winner at Cartmel in May 2014 - Any Given Day - for Donald McCain, but also to win enough for us for tea at The Masons Arms.

IS THE WAY AHEAD CLEAR? - Lovely view of Pendle Hill from fields near Downham, Lancashire. Oct 2nd 2014, and a lovely 20 degrees C.

ARE YOUR SYSTEMS SECURE? - A photo that doesnt do the subject justice. Just one turret, one aspect of the magnificent Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, taken in July 2013.

IS THE CLOUD THE ANSWER? This is a great pictire of Peel Tower, Holcombe, Bury, with Peel tower cropped out to give us bank and bank of clouds rolling towards the pennines.

COULD THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY HELP YOU? Crosby beach, Anthony Gormleys Another Place, with Off Shore turbines in the distance in the Mersey Estruary.


Oh, and the Puffin on this post - with 7 fish - he was preparing for the future on our last website, though in truth he will still be enjoying life on the Farne Islands.