Whilst sat in the Euston Tap waiting for a train home I notice this, on full display to Joe Public.

There is a PDQ machine here, wireless internet, touchscreen till...all depending on an internet connection. Without the internet the place won't function, as most punters seem to tap and go.


Paying for beer or even fish and chips with anything but cash seems perverse, but I'm old now and the kids don't care.


So if I join the right wires together here, can I short out the connections? Who knows, but either way this is part of our connected universe, it shouldn't be on show, or left like this.


Thing is, the internet is built largely on a phone system that grew at the start of the last century. While our reliance on that technology grows exponetionally the wires that knit it all together are more Heath Robinson than ever.


One day, this legacy will bite someone, some organisation, hard in the backside.


Cut the red or green?